15 ways to make money while you sleep

1. Create an App.
2. Invest in an already existing and successful businesses like Apple, Amazon, Uber etc. Buy shares and stock from these companies and grow with them.
3. Write an E-book. Ebook sells like crazy, write about something that interests you and publish it on Amazon KDP. The capital is a zero cost while the sales are unlimited.
4. Dropshipping products is all about sourcing for cheaper and reliable products from vendors and reselling them on websites like Amazon, Ebay for a profit.
5. Owning rental properties will make you money while you sleep.
6. All you need to start an affiliate marketing is a device and an internet connection. Join an affiliate company and promote their products and services for a percentage of the sales.
7. Sell stock photos online. If you are a photographer or you like taking pictures, well you can sell your pictures on website like Pexels, creative market etc.
8. Rent out some of your properties. You can rent out your car, car park, scooter or bicycle or even drone.
9. Write and publish a book and sell on auto pilot.
10. Run a paid subscription service and get paid monthly/ weekly for your services.
11. Vending machine business in  good locations like airports, substations, schools etc, will make you money while you sleep 
12. Own a laundromat services. 
13. Create and sell your own products like templates.
14. Buying and selling of domains is called domain flipping, it's lucrative and you should give it a try.
15. Create and online course and sell.

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