30 money affirmations to attract more Wealth.

Speak this words calmly and slowly to yourself, let your soul hear you speak them; the same way, the soul of the universe will materialise and grant your heart desires.

30 money affirmations to attract more WEALTH

1. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.
2. I am the master of my own money.
3. There is plenty of abundance to go round.
4. I'm already wealthy in so many different ways .
5. I'm thankful for the abundance that is coming to me.
6. I earn more than enough money already.
7. The world is bursting for opportunities for me.
8. I'm financially free.
9. Money does not control my happiness .
10. I attract opportunities that create more money .
11. I am worthy of all the abundance that comes my way .
12. I deserve to be paid for my time, skill and effort.
13. I'm grateful for everything i have.

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14. I'm working to create the future i want .
15. My dreams are worthy of my talents.
16. Everyday i become more richer in more ways than one.
17. I have a wealth mindset.
18. Wealth flows towards me.
19. I live life on my own terms.
20. I'm cultivating the abundance i deserve.

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21. I can handle the success that comes my way.
22. I'm open and ready for new streams of income.
23. I'm active in my invitation of abundance .
24. Wealth is already within me.
25. I let go of all preventing from accepting what i deserve .
26. I'm abundant and prosperous in everything i do.
27. I have a positive relationship with money.
28. I use my money to better my life and those around me.
29. I'm enough, i have enough and i will always be enough .
30. Today, I'm welcome to all abundance.

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