7 things to think about the night before your big day.


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1. Spend more time visualising a positive outing experiences. This will increase your confidence, help with nerves and enhance your mood.
2. Think about a previous good experience or performance, what helped you perform well that time, think about how you will apply same tomorrow.
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3. Boost your confidence by reminding yourself how well you have prepared and how much practices you have put in.

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4. Focus on yourself alone and don't compare yourself with anybody, as this will make you feel stressed. Instead focus on things you can control and don't stress on things you can't. 
5. If you see your big days as a threat, they will stress you out, rather view it as a challenge and an opportunity to grow, it will make you feel better and calm. 
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6. Remind yourself how you have overcome previous setbacks, also remind yourself how far you have come; this will help you deal with future challenges as well as build mental resilience. 
7. A good night's sleep helps boost your creativity, problem-solving, memory and concentration. A good and sound sleep is better last minute preparations.
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