8 Considerations before making a CAREER change

Table of Contents

  • Passion
  • Skills
  • Pay/Monetization
  • Certifications required
  • Trends/ relevance
  • Environment
  • Take away
  • Freedom

You starting out on a new career? Consider these eight things first.

We always hear the words “change is constant” the difference between a job and a career is that a job is a form of activity that one takes up to keep him or her engaged with the sole aim of meeting up his financial needs through it. You do a job and you get paid in exchange for your time and skills.

Most often, a job is temporary in the sense that one can easily make a change when he sees a better opportunity, when he deems fit or simply take up 2 or 3 jobs at a time in order to make ends meet.

A career on the other hand is more stable and permanent and often a life time venture in which one engages to build himself and the organization in which he works for or set out to build. A career is more stable and permanent but this does not mean that it will ever be too late to make a career change at any point of one’s career life, especially when one feels stuck in his current career, or does not enjoy the current career and thus feels the need to tool a different career path.

However, for the fact that a career should be permanent, thus a lot of consideration should be brought to mind before choosing a path.it is of import to consider these 8things before making a career shift because probably this might be your last career shift and necessary considerations should be p

ut in place to ensure that your choices are worth it and to avoid later regrets.

Passion: Making this one last career change should be a change unto a career one is passionate about. It is the passion that burns for such career that will sustain your desire for that career you wish to embark upon, your passion is the fuel that will kindle that career into a full blown career. While starting out a business/career is not an easy one especially at the initial stage, you will need a healthy dose of passion to sustain this drive or you will be overwhelmed the instance you encounter any roadblock or obstacle along your career path. Your passion will make you to understand that as Ryan Holiday puts it “The obstacle is the way” so before starting out on a new career journey, make sure you first of all have and must have built the necessary passion that will sustain your journey, make sure it’s coming from within and not from without.

Skills : What are the necessary skills set for your career journey, without the necessary skills, you cannot make a head way in your new career. Your skill set are the tools you will work with, and you have always heard the maxim “a bad workman quarrels with his tools” but you must not be perfect in every skill before setting out in your new career as you can always learn on the job and there is always room for improvement. A basic knowledge of basic skills relating to your new career is very necessary. Example, if your new career is to be a virtual assistant and work remotely for companies and business owners alike, you should have some set of skills at your fingertips like how social media platform works and the algorithm that drives each social media platforms, graphic design skills, SEO skills, Content writing skills to name a few. These skills will help you kick start your new career on the right foot and make you relevant and sustain your career over time, as you advance in your new career, new skill sets can be added along the way

Monetization: How am I going to monetize my career? This should be your next consideration. Are people willing to pay for these skills of mine? If yes, how? If you have a bunch of beautiful passion and skills but people are not willing to pay for your services, what need are they? You will eventually be out of business sooner or later. Monetizing your career should be your driving force but not the sole driving force for starting out a career, otherwise you will lose out on the satisfaction that comes from a successful career.

Certifications Required: As with skills, one has to check before setting out if he or she needs to be certified to be able to practice a profession. Most conventional professions like lawyers, Doctors, Engineers needs that one go through the formal education system and thus be certified in order to practice. These professions are closed from non-members and what this means is that they have the sole monopoly to determine who practices their profession and who don’t. So while making a career change, you have to consider if the career you wish to join require a formal certification before you can practice or you might be doing something illegal.

However most freelance career like website design, programing, blogging, resume writing, Content writing, Social media managers, Virtual assistant does not require certification to practice though the require a reasonable amount of experience, basic skill relevant to each of them a strategy to be successful in them, so be guided accordingly as you make your career choice.

Trends/Relevance: Since the internet boom, more careers and professions have been unleashed into the job market especially remote jobs that one can work from home or form anywhere over the internet. Most big business and brands like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Alibaba, Instagram etc. are internet based and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down so you might as well consider joining these trends. example of careers on these trends include programming, website design, content creation, virtual assistant, social media managers etc.

Environment: where is your new career/business going to be located? Environment plays a vital role in the success or failure of a business or a career. Is the environment conducive for the nature of the business or career path you wish to toll or will the environment support the success of your career? This requires being fore sighted in your overall career choice.

Take away: How will this career choice advance and support my overall development as a person? Will I be satisfied with this career choice?

One should be able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a successful career. Building a new career involves a lot of strategic planning, disappointments, trial and error, it is not always a bed of roses, but the most important thing is that all these develop your resilience as a human person and makes you keep in touch with your inner self. If your new career does not improve your overall productivity, it might as well be a wrong career choice and sooner or late you will be stuck.

Freedom: The basic of the human pursuit is freedom. When considering a new career change, especially in the later days of your life, freedom should be at the center of your choice.

Will this new endeavor allow me certain freedom in my life? Will is allow me a private time with my family and loved ones? Will it allow me time for personal development? Will it allow me time for spiritual advancement?

Do not rush into building a new career or changing a career without first of all considering and analyzing these issues. let these considerations guide you as you make this career shift.

We hope you picked something from this post and if you have any questions or any comment, please drop them below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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