Baby steps to self healing.

Life can be overwhelming some of the time, you may or may not be the cause of most of the stressful circumstance we find our selves.

This is because we are in reality and whatevey situation you find yourself might not be exactly as you pictured it to be, most of these circumstances might be pleasing to us, some might be stressful, in whatever situation you find yourself, your response to that situation is want really defines you and not the situation itself.

You might be passing through financial hard times, emotional heartbreak, family issues, death of a loved one, stress of losing a job or you might be battling a deadly disease.

Your response to your situations is the absolute test of your personality. You can choose to be positive about it or you can brace up and take actions towards a change of your situation.

We listed out 17 simple self care tips that will help you to calm your self down when you are stressed out, so you can make the right decision that will change your life.

We even took out time format it in a picture or jpeg format so it can be super easy download, use and share at no cost to you. You can download and keep it to your devices as a guide to your daily routines.

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