Before starting a Business, consider these first.


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1. Realise that entrepreneurship is a marathon
Realise that entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint. What it means is that you should be in it for the long run. Building a business takes time, effort and discipline and if you cannot work and wait, then you should get a job. 
2. Ensure there is a Demand for your products and services.
Demand means the market where your products and services will be sold, if there is no demand for your services and products, then your business has already failed before you even started.
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3. Know you wouldn't get it right at the first attempt.
Business is all about patience and the ability to learn what works and what does not work.Focus all your energy on learning about the business than in making money. You might fail at the initail stage, but the real entrepreneur knows that failure is part of the game.
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4. Understand your target audience.
Understanding your target audience means knowing what your audience actually wants. How can you satisfy their wants when you don't even know what they want. You have to study them, know them and give them what they want, that way you have established a market for yourself.
5. Solve a problem.
Starting a business is all about looking for a problem around you, and being intentional to solve it. If your business idea doesn't revolve around solving a problem, then it's not actually a Business idea.

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