How your resume should look in 2021

What is the most important arsenal to arm yourself in your recent job hunt?

I personally think that your resume/CV should be up to date in a very professional and smart template and design of you intend to land your dream job.

In 2021, times have really changed and it’s left for us to change with it.if you are applying for a particular job in any firm, and you have no clue of what your resume should look like, I will love to share some tips and give you ideas of what your resume and cover letter should look like if your resume is to pass the applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ATS is what employers use this days to sieve out unqualified resumes, to pick the ones that they really need,it saves them the time of having to go through hips of resumes submitted to them on regular basis.

All the resumes that to see here is guaranteed to pass this tracking system and if you can arm yourself with any of these templates, you are on the right track of landing your dream job.What is left for you now is to prepare for your interview which is the most important if them all.

Arm yourself with any of these resume templates, submit your resume and await your job interview.

In our next post,we will be sharing tips to kill your job interview and to get your employer to like you and hire you.

Good luck in your job hunt

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