Nine powers of reading books.

1. Reading helps you develope stronger analytical thinking, due to the fact that as you read, you absorb a whole lot of knowledge which help you analyse the subject at hand for a better comprehension.
2. Reading helps you reduce stress. It calms your mind and makes you present. With you being present at the moment, it reduces your stress and focuses your mind.

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3. Reading helps you to improve your focus, as said earlier, it keeps your mind from wandering and gets you focused to the task at hand. 
4. Reading increases your vocabulary as you absorb new words and new meanings, you expand your vocabulary base. It also enhances your expressive ability.
5. Reading helps in better imagination due to the many perspective from which you see things. It thus builds on your creative and imaginative powers.
6. Reading expands your knowledge base. You keep on absorbing knowledge with each page you flip.
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7. Reading increases your financial capabilities. The more you learn, the much more you earn. It has always been said that you first of all learn, then you earn. Education will make you a living, but SELF-EDUCATION will make you a fortune.
8. Reading puts you far ahead in life due to the fact that you have borrowed the brain and imagination of the people before you. You have built on their imagination. Reading is a pick into one's brain. In reading you have absorbed their imaginative powers and added to your own, thus you are super power if you are a reader.
9. Reading helps you not just to see problems but also to profer solutions.

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