Stand out Resume template + matching cover letter


Remember to keep your objective specific – if it’s too generic, the person reading your resume might question whether you understand the role or are serious about applying.

While its exact format will differ depending on the industry you’re in, keep the length of your resume to 1 or 2 pages. After all, you don’t want whoever’s in charge of hiring to get lost in the details as they read it.

While work experience will likely make up most of your resume, it’s good to include sections for education, activities, honors, and personal interests, too.

Microsoft word and Mac pages is the simplest software to use which doesn’t require any expertise.
Fully and Easily Editable templates

After customising the resume, you will be confident enough to submit your resume and await your Job interview.
24/7 customer services.

Well structured to stand you out in your job hunt.

Unlimited downloads.

Resume can MATCH any job description and it comes with a matching cover letter template.

Always ensure you save your file in PDF format before submitting your resume.
ATS friendly resume and cover letter templates

Simple well designed templates is always the best for making an impression


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